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It was a family affair when $350,000 worth of gold glittered in the sun off the coast of Fort Pierce, Florida, in the final days of summer this year. The Booty Salvage Company—a Central Florida-based, treasure-hunting, family business started in 1999 by the Schmitt family aboard their vessel AARRR Booty—discovered a 17th century Spanish ship in 15 feet of water only 1,000 feet off shore. Treasure includes at least 70 feet of gold chain and four gold Peruvian coins. Just one coin is valued at $30,000 and would have made their whole season. Booty’s findings will be split with their contractor, and 20 percent of the treasure will be given to the state of Florida for display. Eric Schmitt, family spokesman, says that it’s not all about the money. They are just as interested in the historical value.

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