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Revolver 42

Since 1981, Michael Peter Yacht Design (MPYD) has established an impressive and eclectic gathering of clients numbering some 30,000 and covering more than 350 designs. The group has also garnered more than 200 Class 1 Offshore racing wins with 13 world titles. According to MPYD, “…our designs have no definite visual signature.”

The Revolver 42 sports sleek lines, a citron-green paint job (also available in what can only be called a stimulating offering of other color palates), and high tech accoutrements— including retractable overhead and aft and side windows, electrically operated swim platform that disappears into the transom, and a striking, minimalist interior. This one-of-a- kind design statement is a head turner in any port and even, perhaps, a trend setter for future interpretations.

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