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Downeast boats have come a long way in the past 150 years. At one time, this craft was designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of Maine fishermen and lobstermen. Today, recreational cruisers have admiring eyes for their salty style and seagoing hulls. 

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business boat 

As avid enthusiasts of one of America’s favorite  , we all long for those pleasurable, carefree days out on the water where work is the last thing to cross our minds. For precisely this reason, it’s understandable that many mariners might have never considered the business side of boating.  

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Boat ownership allows a sense of freedom on water to cruise from place to place, do some fishing or just play. Sometimes, however, life’s circumstances such as health issues or financial difficulties lead us to give up our boats, or perhaps it’s time to buy a different kind of boat. 

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