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Is it a boat? Is it an all-terrain vehicle? With the Quadski, you get two toys in one!

High-speed amphibian
available to consumers
for fun on land and water

Quadski by Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc. (GIBBS) is the first high-speed amphibian (HSA) available to consumers. The Quadski’s HSA technology allows it to go fast on land and water and transition between the two in seconds. Perfect for exploring the outdoors, fishing and hunting, or a day at the beach, the Quadski is ideal for those who enjoy active and exciting sports both on and off the water.

Quadski is powered with a BMW engine that enables speeds of up to 45 mph compared with previous production amphibians available to consumers that reached speeds of only 8 mph. The Quadski design was 15 years in development and design at a cost of over $200 million by the business owners. Quadski meets state and federal safety requirements and its high performance is both fun and safe.

Quadski is built at a facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Gibbs Sports Amphibians, Inc. also produces amphibians for commercial applications by first responder and military use.

LOA: 10.5′
Beam: 5.2′
Height: 4.3′
Wheelbase: 5.8′
Fuel: 18 gals.
Weight: 1,300 lbs.

(312) 596-3506


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