EXTRA! Interview – Aaron Kramer, Kwik Tek founder, CEO and President

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EXTRA! Interview

Aaron Kramer, Kwik Tek founder, CEO and President

Extra Interview Aaron Kramer

Aaron Kramer

Aaron Kramer,
Kwik Tek founder,
lives and breathes towables.

Kwik Tek designs and supplies branded-products for the recreational watersport market in more than 80 countries, including towables, inflatables, wakeboards, water skis, life jackets, personal watercraft accessories, and other related products. Aaron Kramer is the president and CEO of Kwik Tek, a company he founded in his garage in 1991.

by Laura Dunn

SB: What do you love about what you do, and what keeps you excited about Kwik Tek?
AK: It’s exciting to see families having fun on the water, using our products. I’m also very proud of our new product development and steady sales growth.

SB: What sets Kwik Tek apart from other competitors in the field? How has it accomplished this and how will it continue to do so?

AK: We continue to use higher-grade materials—without cutting corners—than our competitors, such as higher denier nylon, higher gauge PVC, highest molecular weight PVC, and real neoprene padding.

SB: How has your company directly helped boating enthusiasts enjoy being on the water?
AK: Airhead and Sportsstuff, two of our product brands, have both driven the evolution of the towable industries, with bigger, more exotic towables. Twenty-five years ago, people tied rubber truck tubes to a ski rope for tubing!

SB: What are some “must-have” products you’d recommend for cruisers?
AK: I’d recommend the Airhead Gang Plank, a swim platform, great for entertaining the kids so adults can enjoy some quiet time. Unlike other similar layered foam swim platforms on the market that are a pain to transport and store, this portable plank is easy to take to any pool, lake or beach. Upon deflation, it folds up into a very small size, which means more available storage space. Create even larger sized platforms by connecting multiple gang planks together with the unique zipper system. I’d also recommend our line of floats and islands: Lounge, Leisure & Fun Stuff.

SB: How involved in the boating and marine community are you?
AK: As a board member of the Water Sports Industry Association (, I work with the Coast Guard and other government agencies to protect the interests of watersports enthusiasts. The WSIA works hard to communicate, produce and distribute safety and educational materials for towed watersports.

SB: What kind of boat do you own? How often do you get to use it?
AK: We have a 22-foot wakeboard boat with Airhead and Sportsstuff graphics all over it. It’s not subtle! I use it once a week with my kids. A few of our managers use it with their families from time to time. My warehouse manager takes his employees and their families out on it a few times each summer. We also use it for testing new products and photo and video shoots.


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