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jersey shore

By now, even the most die-hard of those who hold on to historical misnomers know that Columbus did not discover the continental United States on his first trip west in 1492. However, what are well-documented facts are those of the 1524 voyage of Giovanni Verrazano and the 1609 visit of Henry Hudson. Each explored the land that would in the winter of 1787 become known as New Jersey. 


Stretching more than four miles along the southeast coast of Hispaniola, and nestled among Cuba, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and Puerto Rico, Casa de Campo—a 7,000-acre luxury resort in the Dominican Republic—presents a veritable paradise for cruisers. An esteemed member of the Leading Hotels in the World group, Casa de Campo models itself as “a house in the country”—only quite a bit larger—and renowned Italian architect, designer and sailor Gianfranco Fini’s innovative styling can be seen throughout the grounds. 

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