New Launch – Stoner 23

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Stoner 23

The Miami-based builder’s newest project sports a crossover style that offers a remarkable dry ride for the avid fisherman.

Stoner 23

A handcrafted center console
built with quality materials
for the avid fisherman

Stoner Boatworks prides itself on making serious fishing machines for persons who demand performance out of their boats. Stoner handcrafted sportfishing boats are made with the best quality materials to assure a distinct experience on the water.

The Stoner 23 is a mix between a Palm Beach-style and a Carolina-style boat. While still having a high rising bow for a very dry ride, the transition from the bow to the cockpit of this boat is much longer and subtler than on the Stoner 26. The Stoner 23 is equipped with a built-in cooler, a full circle live-bait well above deck in the cockpit, a large fish box in the bow, and a Stoner Boatworks console with a pod.

Boat construction is completely composite with a foam cored deck, cap and transom. The bracket is also foam cored. The boat is 23’ to the transom and the bracket hangs out another 24”. The Stoner 23 runs 60 mph with a Yamaha F250 4-stroke but is rated up to 300-hp and can be built with single or twin outboards.

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