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Known as the sport utility vessels of the water, large center  console boats in the 30-foot-plus range offer the flexibility boat owners want when every day with the family is different. One morning calls for being up before dawn to troll for dolphin, and the next day it’s an afternoon ride with the kids and their friends for wakeboarding. Later it’s a sunset cruise, then back to the dock to pack up, clean up and ready the boat for the next adventure. 



Before buying your boat you most likely compared similar models at one or more boat shows, combed through stacks of brochures, surfed websites and blogs, or solicited advice until you found the perfect boat for you and your family. Choosing the right marina should be given the same amount of attention—according to our panel of boat owners, cruisers and industry experts—since making a hasty decision can be a costly mistake both financially and in terms of your recreational time and effort. 


carolinaAsk Randy Ramsey to describe his success as a Carolina custom boatbuilder and he’ll likely admit to “just living the American dream.” As a child growing up in North Carolina, Randy—now president and co-founder of Jarrett Bay Boatworks in Beaufort, North Carolina—never imagined he’d end up building boats for a living. Fishing was his thing, and he was going to be a charter boat captain. “I remember being so excited when I got my Captain’s license on my 18th birthday,” Randy recalls. “Thank goodness I passed that test; I’d already a booked a charter for the very next day. Talk about pressure!” 


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