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With all due respect to the rising stars of Hollywood, sometimes their beautiful faces aren’t the biggest attraction for filmmakers. Frequently, it’s the destination that directors and producers are drawn to that makes their film or TV show extra enticing to viewers. In the process, they make that destination as much of a star as the newest “it” girl. 


love of it

It was late in the 1970s when my parents walked in with a watercolor painting by well-known artist Phil Capen. As a kid, this event would not be fully appreciated for years but would build to have an influence on me that I could not then define. If I could have stepped into that painting, I would have: tropical foliage and coconut palms shaded a small clapboard boathouse; Bahamians wearing straw hats worked on small sailing craft; a perfect use of color reflected the almost surreal blues and greens of the water. Like the perfect novel, it carried me to a place I had never been. Many years later when I left college to become an “artist,” the memory of that painting set me on course and inspired me to capture the beauty of The Bahamas, not just for myself, but also for others. 



When cruising the Bahamas any seafaring soul on a warm summer’s day will at some point be romanced into the idea of enjoying a yummy liquid libation or two. While most bars are happy to muddle up the standard mojito, there’s a certain degree of satisfaction to thinking—and drinking—like a true Bahamian. In The Bahamas, it’s all about the experience. So instead of ordering your usual, try something authentic. 


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