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On the aft deck of the herring trawler Sillbåt in the glow of a Baltic Sea sunrise, Pavel Skämt lightly tosses a small, whirring object skyward. It rises about a meter and hovers just out of reach, as if waiting for some silent command. Twice more, Pavel tosses an object, and each time it rises, dips and stabilizes just aft of the trawler’s stern. Then, with a tap on a small remote control at his belt, Pavel sends them away in a wide arc, rising and circling until they are no longer visible against the brightening sky.

Moving to the bridge of the Sillbåt, Pavel and Captain Söfring Hansson peer at the fl at screen navigation display, which now—in addition to other vessels, aids to navigation, and chart information—shows the location of a massive school of fi sh located about one kilometer northwest. Captain Hansson turns on course and orders the crew to ready the huge trawl nets. Following the display, the nets are deployed, and soon, the hold is fi lled with a massive catch. The Sillbåt recovers the humming sprites, stows them safely on their charging bases and returns to port when most other boats are just starting to fish.

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