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By admin ~ April 1st, 2013. Filed under: Southeast Report.

SB0413-SoutheastRepShrimp are almost an addiction. The strange little crustaceans of our coastal waters are found in white, pink, brown, and red, and unless you’re allergic to them, they are good in so many ways: shrimp cocktail, fried, broiled, grilled, Frogmore stew, on pasta, in a po’ boy, or as a bisque. Many of us in the southeast catch them for ourselves, whether it’s by shrimp baiting (a 60-day season), casting a net or using a seine. When you can’t catch them yourself, look for the ubiquitous shrimp trawlers that are so much a part of our scenic coastal views. If you see them, you’ll find shrimp at the dock that afternoon.

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