Destination: Stiltsville

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SB0413-StiltsvilleIt began in the early 1930s, towards the end of prohibition, when “Crawfish” Eddie Walker built a “bait-n-beer” shack for passing fishermen and cruisers approximately one mile offshore on shallow sand banks at the edge of Biscayne Bay—which also happened to be the legal distance for gambling, but who are we to speculate? Two of Eddie’s fishing buddies, Thomas Grady and Leo Edward, built their own shack shortly after. Others soon followed, including Stiltsville’s first social club—the Calvert Club—built in the late 1930s. The Quarterdeck Club arrived in 1940, becoming one of the most popular spots in Miami, with “invitation-only” membership costing $150. Life magazine noted the area as an “extraordinary American community dedicated solely to sunlight, salt water and the well-being of the human spirit,” further describing the club as “a $100,000 play-palace equipped with bar, lounge, bridge deck, dining room, and dock slips for yachts.”

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Matt Stock Artist Statement

As an artist, I am captivated by the idea of bringing forgotten or underappreciated locales out of the shadows and into the limelight before they are lost forever. Images have the power to change the world and I strive to use my lens to give voice to causes that would otherwise remain silent. Come moonrise, when the world becomes a dimmer version of itself, people tend to forget nature does not tuck in for the night.

After seven years of research, I created a unique photographic process utilizing the applied mathematics and science of photography called “painting with light in the dark®”. This photographic approach is based on the works of da Vinci and other Renaissance masters who used sfumato to add subtle layers of illumination and tonal depth to their paintings. I use various light sources to truly paint my subjects with light from up to one-hundred different angles and then layer these exposures together into a final composition. My technique of “painting with light in the dark®” allows me to show my subjects in a new light, literally and metaphorically.

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