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By dthompson ~ March 4th, 2013. Filed under: Current Issue.

New Product
SeaWatch 3020 Marine TV Antenna

HD-ready device
features swivel mount
for easy installation

SeaWatch antenna

SeaWatch antenna

Catching up on the news or watching a favorite show is more enjoyable with the proper TV antenna on board. The new SeaWatch 3020 Marine TV Antenna from Shakespeare Electronic Products Group makes it easy for owners to tune in to TV programming. It’s HD-ready, features omnidirectional signal reception, has a unique swivel mount, costs $274.95, and is protected by a two-year limited warranty.

Shakespeare’s internally amplified SeaWatch 3020 antenna includes omnidirectional signal reception, which eliminates the need to re-aim it when a boat is underway or swinging at anchor. Better reception, with low noise figures, comes from a new design on the preamplifier that is built into the antenna head.

Because it’s HD ready, users need only to connect the antenna to a TV with a digital receiver. It can also still be used with an older analog TV by connecting the antenna to a separate digital converter box. The SeaWatch 3020 automatically switches from Antenna Input to Auxiliary Input when powered off, making it easy for owners to use cable or satellite services and playback devices. A swivel mount on this new antenna enables mounting on a sloped surface, greatly expanding installation choices onboard. It tilts up to 30 degrees while keeping the antenna in the proper orientation. For a traditional setup, the SeaWatch 3020 also works with standard 1 1/4-inch thread mounts.

This rugged TV antenna features a UV-stable plastic housing with a high gloss finish. It weighs only 2.7 pounds and measures 14.88 inches in diameter by 7.25 inches high when mounted on its swivel bracket.

The SeaWatch 3020 comes with a 12 VDC power supply, five-foot power cord, 1-1/4-inch thread adapter, swivel mount, receptacle box, 30 feet of RG-59 coax cable and four screw-on “F” connectors. Coax cable can be easily concealed by running it through the SeaWatch 3020 mounting base. Owners can also choose to wall-mount or flush-mount the power supply, which comes equipped with front and rear outputs.

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6111 Shakespeare Rd.
Columbia, SC 29223
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