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By dthompson ~ March 4th, 2013. Filed under: Current Issue.

New Product
Low Profile High Intensity
LED Light Bar from Larson Electronics

High output low profile
LED light bar provides high power
in demanding operating conditions

Low Profile High Intensity LED Light Bar

Low Profile High Intensity LED Light Bar

 The LEDP3W-6 Low Profile High Intensity LED Light Bar from Larson Electronics provides high power illumination in a compact yet durable design. This LED light bar measures only 9 inches long by 2 inches high yet produces 1,368 lumens of bright white light in a waterproof package that can stand up to the most demanding operating conditions.

Using only 18 watts at 1.5 amps of current draw on a 12-volt electrical system, this LED light bar is designed to provide a versatile light fixture that can be mounted in space limited locations without sacrificing durability or output. The heavy-duty fixture assembly is constructed of extruded aluminum with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens to provide excellent durability. The assembly is IP68-rated waterproof to three meters of submersion, making this high power LED light fixture ideal for offshore or boating applications where wetness and humidity is an issue. Internal LED drivers actively monitor voltage and heat levels to assure the highest output and longevity possible while also allowing these light bars to operate with any voltage from 9 to 32 volts DC. These internal controllers also allow the connection of dimmers or pulse controllers to produce reduced output or a strobing or flashing effect if desired.

The LED assembly consists of six CREE XLamp XR-E® three watt LEDs producing 228 lumens each paired with high purity optics to produce a 10-degree spot beam for long reach. Also available are 40-degree beam versions which produce a much wider and shorter spread of light for applications where floodlighting is preferred. Mounting is provided by included sliding aluminum mounting blocks with vibration absorbing rubber bushings and stainless steel hardware for easy installation using existing mounting holes and secure placement even under rough conditions. The high output and compact size of these powerful LED lights makes them popular with military and law enforcement professionals as well as boating enthusiasts and outdoorsmen who want high power and reliability in a heavy duty light. With a MSRP of $253.48, these LED lights are far more durable than halogen or HID fixtures and can withstand extremes of temperature and environments while providing 50,000 hours of operation that no traditional incandescent of HID fixture can match.

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