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Spring is just around the corner on the Gulf Coast meaning boating and fishing will soon be in full swing. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department met in January to get public input on several modifications to regulations that should interest anglers fishing in the salt waters. First was a slight change in the “bonus” red drum tag. State law allows anglers to keep one oversized red drum (longer than 28 inches) per year, but an additional tag may be obtained when the first is filled. In the past, this could only occur after the first tag for an oversized fish had been used, and it was not legal to possess both tags at the same time. Records have shown, however, that an average of only 7,000 bonus tags per year have been issued, and fish over 28 inches caught legally account for only 3 percent of the total harvest. Taking these figures into account, it has been decided to issue the bonus tag up front, which would allow a lucky fisherman to catch both of his allotted big redfish on the same day or fishing trip.

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