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Offshore powerboat racing has made a dynamic and spectator friendly comeback in Puerto Rico. The non-profit Puerto Rico Offshore Series (PROS) launched this revival in 2009. Today, six classes of sleek fiberglass-built offshore race boats—ranging from the Modified Max Class with top speeds of 150 mph to the Pleasure Sport or ‘Entry’ level with speeds up to 60 mph—take part in four major events annually. Three of these are long-weekend affairs, which start with a police-escort of the boats to the venue on Friday, public exhibition on Saturday, and race day on Sunday, where the two-mile-long 5 to 7 lap courses are located close to shore for easy viewing. “The boats are privately owned, usually sponsored by the owner’s business, and raced by family members. It makes for some intense rivalries,” explains Angel Duran, PROS marketing and public relations director. “Although we don’t have major sponsors at this time that allow us to cover expenses of visitors, we do welcome any offshore powerboat racers who’d like to come down and compete.” The Fajardo Offshore Grand Prix takes place March 15-17, the PROS Poker Run is set for May 4th in Fajardo, the Mayaguez Offshore Grand Prix will be held July 13-15, and the 2013 circuit will finish up December 6-8 with the San Juan Bay Offshore Grand Prix. For information, email

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