Stem to Stern

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    Above or below the waterline, there’s always something new to SEE while boating. SeaLife cameras let you relive those memories. The just-introduced14-megapixel DC1400 shoots still or HD video and is guaranteed to be waterproof up to 200 feet. Multiple accessories are available including lighting as shown in the Pro Duo set. MSRP $529.95.



DuraLed Engine Room and Utility lights   

by Hella let you SEE where you need. Durable and economical, the lights are sealed for protection and require only 2.5W. MSRP starts at $104.44.


     For cruisers wanting to PROTECT  the environment while they protect the bottoms of their boats, SeaHawk introduced Smart Solution ™, the first metal-free anti-fouling paint on the globe. One of the nation’s most rigid environmental agencies has approved the protective coating, which enhances boat performance.


   Air, as one of the three basic needs, sometimes needs a helping hand. Dometic’s Portable Breathe Easy Air Purifier is small, compact, efficient and effective. It reduces and in some cases, eliminates common irritants, fumes and odors leaving in their place cleaner, FRESHer air. Contact your preferred Dometic distributor for availability and pricing.


  At home or on the boat,     

 toilets are a necessity. Raritan’s Atlantes Freedom Vortex-Vac has been redesigned to eliminate waste with less water, which can be switched between outside water or FRESH. Models can be ordered in two colors, bone or white, and two sizes of bowls, household or elongated. Contact your preferred Raritan distributor for availability and pricing.


    At the beach it’s just as important to protect your skin as it is to RELAX. The Sport-Brella Beach Chair’s overhead umbrella with 50+ UPF lining swivels and adjusts for 360-degree sun and wind protection. MSRP $49.99.


If you’re still on the beach at dusk,  

you can RELAX if your bug spray missed a hard-to-reach spot. Tested by SB staff, the Therapik ® battery-operated device relieves the itch and pain of most biting insects (and has even been tested successfully with jellyfish stings) so you can enjoy the rest of the evening with the pests you invited! MSRP $12.95.

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