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SI-TEX Marine Electronics will debut their new Koden MDC-2000 Series Radar with a 10.4-inch color LCD display, a long list of advanced features and a range of power outputs from 4kW to 12kW. This professional-grade radar series is ideal for a variety of vessels, from recreational yachts to commercial fishing boats to passenger transport vessels. Real-time target detection and tracking is further enhanced by the MDC-2000’s two-speed antenna scanning (25 and 50 rpm), providing optimal performance at any vessel speed. Koden’s Hyper Digital Processing (HDP) technology adds real-time presentation of targets that allows for smooth movement on the display as the bearing changes. HDP technology also provides superior target discrimination, virtually eliminating unwanted “noise,” to deliver a clear, highly detailed image and enhanced detection of smaller targets for added safety. Koden’s True Trail function clearly differentiates moving targets from stationary objects such as buoys, moored vessels or land features—great when navigating crowded waterways. Koden’s high-resolution LCD screen features a bonded anti-reflective coating that provides superior visibility in direct sunlight and prevents condensation. Find SI-TEX Marine at booth 334 in the Electronics Tent.

Global Satellite will launch the first Bluetooth-enabled device that is compatible with a satellite phone, BGAN terminal and other mobile phones. The ISAT Shadow is a tiny device measuring just 2¾ x1½ inches and makes an excellent satellite shadow for the Inmarsat ISAT Pro and Iridium 9555 (Bluetooth supported docks only). With Bluetooth technology, the connection does not require cables or be in the line of sight; the two handsets just need to be within 30 feet of each other.




When it comes to turning sailcloth into fabulous products, Ella Vickers Recycled Sailcloth always comes to mind. Ella Vickers recycles all types of remnants from sail makers (pre-consumer) and reclaims and recycles over 20K yards a year (post-consumer) that have sailed all over the world. They are Green/Eco Friendly, Urban Chic and Ocean Durable. The durable and sophisticated designs reflect the nautical lifestyle with crisp white Dacron and hi-performance Kevlar sailcloths. Their collection is growing and their newest handcrafted ‘Made in the USA’ bags will be on display at the Convention Center, booth 3077.

Red Eye Trolling Lures has introduced three new lure sets in the past few months: the Mahi-Slayer, the Mini-Hoo and the Six Pack. The Mahi-Slayer is a dynamite rig set-up just for dolphin and sailfish. It allows the fisherman to pull a Daisy chain without investing in heavy gear. It is rigged on 12 feet of 200# Ande Mono-filament with 8/0 double hooks offset 180 degrees, utilizing a 2 model trailing a pair of 1 models, creating a chase of bait fish. Includes a mesh wash down bag. The Mini-Hoo is a smaller version of our famous Hoo-Hurter. The Mini-Hoo was created specifically for the angler who wants to run a pair of these off their flat lines on lighter gear. The TLD-25 series are ideal for this package. It lets fishermen target the deeper waters at a normal trolling speed, which we all know will knock on the door for big wahoo and tuna alike. Comes rigged with 12 feet of 275# braided cable with 8/0 hooks offset 180 degrees and a mesh wash down bag. Available in aluminum for top water targets, or stainless steel which will ride just below the surface. These little guys are extremely effective and definitely add high performance to your power spread. All new sets are made from our original lure designs and presented in sets for the ultimate fishing experience. All Red Eye Trolling Lures products are made in America and are environmentally friendly, containing no lead.

Whether you’re a sailor, a fisherman, a diver, or engaged in virtually any water-based activity, Simple Charts makes a great addition to your marine toolbox.
Simple Charts is a plotter that fits in the palm of your hand and delivers a simple, easy-to-use chart plotting solution for your iPhone and iPad. No other app on the market delivers a plotting solution this affordable and user-friendly. The app provides the functionality that most mariners need including charts, basic instruments and the ability to save and share your favorite fishing spot, dive location or other locations that are important to you. (You can easily use the stored information to navigate back later.) Simple Charts is a full resolution seamless marine charting app compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. Available now through the Apple iTunes App Store.


Word is spreading fast about a new twist (or loop) on tie downs. Jeff Dahl, the inventor of LoopRope wants you and everyone else to know that there’s a better (and safer) product available to secure almost any load, be it on your deck, your truck, even your kayak. Like LoopRope, the new BuoyRope secures loose items on deck without the tangles of conventional rope or the threat of snapping back, that you have with bungee cords. “It’s intuitive to the consumer that the loops allow for easy adjustment and the flexibility of restraint a conventional tie down does not provide,” says Jeff.  It’s the only quick docking line that enables you to set your boat fender at the perfect height and secure it to the dock at the same time. It’s perfect for sport boats and personal watercraft such as jet skis. For larger boats it’s great to use as a fully adjustable fender holder up to five feet. When you are not using the BuoyRope as a docking line, simply remove the fender and use it as a “tie down” to secure inflatables, coolers, fishing poles, life jackets or other important boating gear. Makes for a great clothesline as well. The BuoyRope comes in Pacific blue, black, yellow or red with white banding and is five feet in length. Each BuoyRope comes equipped with one stainless steel double-gated LoopClip. Users are discovering many different ways to secure items, so check out the video examples on their website, Look for them at booth 3018.


E.J. Schrader Mattress Co. has just been authorized to sell and custom fit Tempur-Pedic mattresses for the Marine and RV Industry, as well as residential installations. This is big news as they are now one of only two facilities in the USA that are allowed to cut and shape a Tempur-Pedic mattress and still maintain its original full warranty. If you’ve never tried one then you truly don’t know what you’re missing–just the best (and only clinically-tested) mattress available today! You can test one for yourself at their booth in the Yacht Builders Tent #794.


Oceanair will introduce their new wood collection for the Skyvenetian Wooden Blind range. The new collection is called ‘Wood/Classic’ and forms part of the Oceanair Fabric Collection. The Wood/Classic range will offer customers a choice of 12 different woods when choosing the color, texture and finish of the slats that will form their Skyvenetian blinds. See them at Booth 684 in the Superyacht Builders & Designers Tent.

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